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Virtual Tutoring for Students

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We've Got You Covered

Grade improvement in school or new skill.

Looking for a friendly and experienced Tutor to help you improve your scores or simply expand your knowledge? Our tutors have experience, Some of us have provided Ottawa with teaching services in a broad range of areas in multiple tutoring services. 

A Different Approach to Learning

Teaching isn’t just ingraining information into students’ minds to memorize — it’s about providing them with the tools they need in order to think critically and succeed. We believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves the quality of life . We will introduce a way to learn that is interesting and answer any of their questions. As the "class" size is smaller, the tutors will be able to pay much more time to the ones being tutored. 

Customized ​Learning Plans

We offer custom learning plans, this means that we can teach you materials learned in class or knowledge ahead of their grade. We can also help them prep for an upcoming test or help them with their homework. It's all up to you...

Tutors who excel in their field

All tutors will excel in their field. Whether it be French, English, Math, etc. The one's tutoring will be top of their class in that specific domain. Just because our service is free, it doesn't mean that we are desperate for tutors, we interview our tutors and assign them specific subjects that they can teach in. 

About Us

We believe in empowering students with the study skills and learning resources they need to achieve academic success. Our talented and professional team provides tutoring services to students of all age, all levels of experience, and all subjects. We come to your home or connect remotely, whichever is most convenient and suits your particular needs.


"As the parent of the child, their tutors have taught my kids well. My son struggled in class because his french wasn't that good. But now his teacher in school even told me that she can tell the improvement in his language. He is more confident in speaking now, plus all of this was FREE! Thank you Monib for tutoring Ibrahim."

Roona Hamidi, mom to Ibrahim (10)

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